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    Train the Trainer as facilitators and instructors

    This course provides learners with the contemporary methods, techniques and tools for training and facilitating courses.  It includes training people in the classroom as well as virtually.

    The objectives of the course are to enable students to:

    • Prepare for classes with minimal stress.
    • Create presentations for use in classes, which follow best practices and UX design, to optimize the use of PowerPoint, where this is necessary.
    • Use a range of activities as a replacement to PowerPoint slides where suited. 
    • Communicate effectively, following public speaking methodology and navigating the possible barriers to communication.
    • Present an interactive mini-class and receive constructive feedback from the other students, to consider for future teaching, once they are back in the workplace. 

    • Education versus training
    • Training delivery methods and elements
    • Learning Stages
    • The evolution of training
    • What is facilitation?
    • Training stakeholders
    • Getting to know your audience
    • Embracing diversity
    • Personality and learning styles

    • Preparation presentation skills.
    • Delivering a presentation.
    • Public speaking elements.
    • Communication types and barriers.
    • Relaxation techniques.
    • Becoming a facilitator.

    • Creating course materials.
    • Design thinking process.
    • Content design rules and tips.
    • The basics of graphic design of a presentation.
    • Best practices for preparation, form and substance of the content.
    • The golden circle of communication.
    • Delivery structure synopsis.

    • Training delivery.
    • Time management during a course.
    • Spice up the course with training activities.
    • Handling questions.
    • Handling difficult situations.
    • Reading and interpreting training evaluation results
    • Types of remote training
    • Remote training platforms
    • Best practices for remote teaching

    • Mini Training Delivery and presentations by each student.
    • Constructive feedback collection from each student for their peers.
    • Course conclusion and actions for back in the workplace.

    New trainers looking to create a foundation for their teaching career, or for existing trainers who are looking to update their techniques and tools with contemporary methodology.

    • Fundamentals of Training and Facilitation.
    • Understanding your Audience.
    • Preparing you as the instructor.
    • Creating your training materials.
    • Delivering your training
    • Communicating successfully with your trainees
    • Additional skills for training remotely
    • Mini-Training Delivery and presentation by each student.

    No prior prerequisites.

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