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    Ultimate PMP® Prep Boot Camp

    This course will provide the knowledge and skills required to successfully pass the Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP) exam, to advance the knowledge of Project Management, and to gain the understanding of its ten knowledge areas of project management. Participants will also learn how to understand the interactions of the 47 process elements utilizing the five process groups of project management, plus other significant topics that will be covered on the PMP exam.

    All course materials will be cross-referenced to the PMBOK® Guide v. 6.0, which provides over 500 flash cards covering acronyms, glossary definitions, process element definitions, knowledge areas and process groups, and provides PMP sample exams, containing over 1,000 questions, to prepare the course participants for the PMP exam.

    Day 1


    • Project framework, life cycles, and process groups
    • Develop project charter
    • Identify stakeholders
    • Scope management planning

    The first day will provide the foundation for the course through the understanding of the PMI® PMBOK Guide® Sixth Edition.  The remaining days will build off of the first day.


    Day 2

    Key Knowledge Areas

    • Time management
    • Cost management planning
    • Quality management planning     

    Participants will learn about the three keys to project success, which are the knowledge areas of time, cost, and quality.  There will be practice tests on these knowledge areas.

    Day 3

    Other Knowledge Areas

    • Human Resource management planning
    • Communication management planning
    • Risk management planning
    • Stakeholder management
    • Procurement management planning

    The other key knowledge areas will be the focus of day three. Flash cards will aid participants in remembering all the terms related to the knowledge areas.

    Day 4

    Project Execution 

    • Project execution process elements
    • Perform integrated change control
    • Monitor and control project work

    Understanding of the control of the project will be the focus for the day and how the exam will test for knowledge. Utilizing the knowledge areas in monitoring and controlling, the project will be an important component for this day.

    Day 5

    Preparing for the Exam 

    • Close the project and phase
    • Professional & social responsibility
    • Test preparation and test taking techniques

    The final day will focus on summarizing all the knowledge for the week, tips for continued preparation, and tips for test taking. Information on registering for the exam and a tool for collecting required information will also be covered.

    Project Managers who are interested in taking the PMI PMP® Exam. It is recommended that the participant has already applied for and received approval to sit for the PMP® Exam prior to attending this course.

    Prior completion of a 5-day basic Project Management course such as NExT Project Management Fundamentals or NExT Project Management. This course assumes the student is knowledgeable and experienced in PMI Project Management methodology and is already familiar with the PMBOK® Guide.

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