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    Understanding Design Build Own Operate Maintain (DBOOM)/ Design Build Own Operate Transfer (DBOOT) contracts

    With the increasing complexity of building designs and projects, we find that the construction and maintenance of buildings and projects, especially mega-projects, require advanced strategies and systems, as the contractor is considered a reliable partner in the construction, management, and maintenance sectors. Which have experience in implementing Design, Build, Operation and Maintenance (DBOOM) in construction and maintenance projects.


    We also find that the design-build-operate-maintenance contract model (DBOM) is an integrated procurement model that combines design-build responsibilities for design-build procurement, operations, and maintenance. These project components are procured from the private sector in a single contract with independent financing by the public sector project sponsor. This project delivery approach is also known by a number of different names, including 'turnkey' purchase and build-operate-transfer (BOT).

    By the end of this course, Participants will be able to: 

    • Understanding how the DBOOM / DBOOT formed
    • The main objectives of issue DBOOM / DBOOT    contracts
    • Understand different aspects of the economics determining the DBOOM/DBOOT concepts compared to other forms.
    • Understand the basic elements of DBOOM/DBOOT contracts.
    • Understand the best applications for DBOOM/DBOOT contracts.
    • Understand the main legal terms specified for DBOOM/DBOOT contracts. 


    • Introduction to Design Build Own Operate Maintain (DBOOM)/ Design Build Own Operate Transfer (DBOOT) contracts.
    • how the Design Build Own Operate Maintain (DBOOM)/ Design Build Own Operate Transfer (DBOOT) contracts are formed
    • Responsibilities of Design Build Own Operate Maintain (DBOOM) contract parties.
    • Advantages of (DBOOM) Contracts
    • Procurement Process lifecycle Costing Of (DBOOT) Contracts
    • Procurement Process of (DBOOT)
    • Standard Specifications of (DBOOT)

    Group Discussion & Quiz

    DBOOT Contracts

    • The main features of DBOOT contrasts
    •  What Are the Key Features of Design–Build–Operate Contracts
    • the difference between build operate transfer and build own operate transfer.
    • How Design, Build-Operate-Transfer (DBOOT) Contracts Work
    • the Basic Framework of a (DBOOT) Contract
    • the Risks of (DBOOT) Contracts
    • Design–Build–Operate Project
    • Typology and Risk Matrix OF (DBOOT)
    • Legal Risk—Contract Interpretation Difficulties/Illegal Contract Provisions

    Group Discussion & Quiz

    • Standard Bidding Document for Design–Build–Operate Contracts for
    • Invitation for Bids
    • Standard Format for Invitation for Bids
    • Standard Bidding Documents
    • Scope of work and project
    • User Guide for Design–Build–Operate Contracts for Different Projects.  
    • Greenfield Infrastructure Projects
    • Opening of Technical Bids
    • Evaluation and Comparison contractors
    • Conditions of Contract
    • General Conditions of Contract
    • Contractor obligation
    • Company obligation
    • Finance of project
    • Schedule of Payments
    • Payment Procedures
    • Performance Damages
    • Insurance
    • Insurance Requirements
    • Warranties
    • Claims, Disputes, and Arbitration
    • Contract termination
    • Group Discussion & Quiz
    • Post-Test


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