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    VILT - Petrel Uncertainty Assessment Techniques

    Uncertainty assessment techniques for simulation studies is a virtual instructor-led training (VILT) course delivered in real time. The course is presented in two 4-hour sessions over a period of one day. It is delivered using the WebEx platform. The course content incorporates passive and active learning approaches. The result is an unrivaled virtual training experience.

    Our industry operates under great uncertainty. There is little we can do about market conditions and geo-political developments, but there is a great deal we can do to better assess the uncertainty in our technical estimates of reserves and production forecasts. In this virtual training, the discussion includes some of the industry best practices around uncertainty assessment and uncertainty propagation using modeling tools, such as Petrel* software.

    Participants gain confidence for planning uncertainty studies. The training stresses the need for an integrated model and integrated team approach.

    A combination of lectures, group discussions, polls, and a Petrel project help to drive the learning process. Time constraints prevent participants from learning everything that is possible in Petrel, but they will gain an understanding of key uncertainty tools in Petrel.

    The course contains lessons and exercises that help participants practice the strategies presented in the training.

    Participants will learn how to:

    • set up and run sensitivity workflows
    • use Tornado plots with volume cases, simulation cases, and case variables (derived quantities)
    • set up and run connectivity calculation simulations with a Geoscreening plugin
    • use a Geoscreening plugin to select cases and propagate uncertainty from static to dynamic models
    • do probabilistic analysis in Petrel with the Uncertainty workflow tool
    • perform probabilistic analysis and sensitivity analysis with the Proxy workflow tool
    • use other analysis tools in Petrel for multiple realizations

    To effectively participate in the training, each participant must have the following hardware, software, and connectivity:

    • Computer
    • USB headset
    • Video capabilities (720HD)
    • Microsoft Office
    • Internet access

    Modelers (static or dynamic) who have undertaken some uncertainty work in the past, but want to engage with others to discuss different approaches and the applicability of other methods to solve specific problems

    The training includes these primary topics:

    • Introduction to uncertainty assessment
    • Modeling uncertainty
    • Uncertainty study workflow
    • Sensitivity analysis
    • Model screening/selection

    Probabilistic estimation with reservoir simulation and proxy model

    To successfully complete this course, participants must have a working knowledge of numerical reservoir simulation using Eclipse Blackoil software or equivalent. Participants also are expected to have some experience with accounting for uncertainty, which can help fuel discussions about increased value from uncertainty studies and improved decisions.

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