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    Volume Velocity Modeling for Petrel

    The Volume Velocity Modeling for Petrel TAP presents a workflow for building a geologically consistent velocity volume integrating the detail of the well velocity measurements with the spatial density of the seismic velocities.

    The course covers a combination of theory and practical application of volume velocity modeling in Petrel.  It goes beyond basic functionality oriented “button clicking” software training by focusing on workflow implementation, on the automation of basic tasks and in the analysis of real cases using the customer’s data to focus on addressing immediate, particular problems.

    Highlights of the course include:

    • Reduce the risk on exploration and development projects by building a solid velocity model integrating of all the available velocity information in a 3D geologic model using geostatistical tools.
    • Reduce the cycle time using Petrel workflow editor automated process.
    • A systematic, repeatable, auditable approach for increased confidence in results
    • Expertise beyond standard training
    • Validation of the workflow on client data
    • Adoption of the technology facilitated by Guru supported delivery

    Development and exploration geologists, geophysicists, petroleum engineers, managers, reservoir engineers and technical personnel with prior experience in Petrel.

    • Import well checkshot data
    • Calibrate well interval velocities
    • Import seismic stacking velocities
    • Convert RMS Seismic velocity to interval velocity – DIX conversion
    • Build 3D Geological structure model
    • Layer the 3D geological grid
    • Upscale the well interval velocities into the 3D geological grid
    • Upscale seismic velocity into the 3D geological grid
    • Model the up-scaled interval seismic velocities into 3D Grid
    • Seismic to well velocity calibration – Anisotropy correction & Quality Control
    • Model well velocity guided by anisotropy corrected seismic velocities
    • Flag and assign velocities to discontinuous velocity bodies
    • Convert modeled interval to average velocity
    • Generate velocity model using average property
    • Domain convert different data types

    General knowledge of petroleum geology and geophysics. As well as participation in the Petrel Fundamentals and Petrel Geophysics Seismic Visualization and Interpretation courses or equivalent Petrel experience is necessary.

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