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    Well and Reservoir Surveillance

    This course takes a comprehensive look at different techniques used to measure rates of reservoir depletion, and how to identify by-passed oil and gas reserves.


    Day 1
    • Overview
    • Well Pressure Measurements and Testing
      • Distributed Pressure Measurements
        • Virgin Reservoirs
        • Producing Reservoirs
        • Wellbore crossflows
        • Differential Depletion
        • Selective Inflow Performance (SIP)
    Day 2
    • Well Pressure Measurements and Testing (continued)
      • Pressure Transient Analysis
        • Well Testing Interpretation Methodology
        • Well Testing Models
        • Gas Well Testing
        • Average Reservoir Pressure
    • Saturation Monitoring
      • Saturation Logging and monitoring around the wellbore
        • Sigma Logging
        • Carbon/Oxygen Logging
        • Cased Hole Resistivity
    Day 3
    • Saturation Monitoring (continued)
      • Saturation Monitoring in the reservoir
        • 4D Seismic
        • Crosswell Seismic Survey
        • Crosswell Electromagnetic Survey
    • Wellbore Flow Monitoring and Surveillance (Production Logging Tools)
      • Tool Types
      • Measurement Principles
      • Applications
    • Reservoir Fluid Sampling
      • Surface Sampling
      • Wellbore Sampling
      • Wireline Repeat Formation Tester Sampling
    Day 4
    • Flow Analysis and Optimization Methodology (NODAL Analysis)
      • Methodology
      • Uses in well surveillance and production optimization
    • Production Performance Monitoring/Periodic Well Production Testing
      • Periodic Well Flow Tests
      • Drive Mechanisms and Fluid Types
      • Expected well and field performance for different reservoir fluid types and drive mechanisms
    • Monitoring and Surveillance of Water Drive Reservoirs and Waterflooding operations
      • Basics of water drive systems and waterflooding
      • Monitoring and diagnosis of water production problems
      • Tracers
    Day 5
    • Well and Flow String Integrity
      • Corrosion Logs
      • Cement Logs
    • Material Balance
      • Basic Theory and application methodology
      • Utilization in monitoring and surveillance
    • Reservoir Simulation
      • Basic Theory
      • Model Construction
      • History Matching
      • Predictions
      • Utilization in well performance monitoring

    Reservoir Engineers, Production and Petroleum Engineers

    Well Pressure Testing

    Saturation Logging around the wellbore

    Saturation Monitoring in the Reservoir

    Production Logging

    Nodal Analysis

    Periodic Well Production Testing

    Reservoir Fluid Sampling

    Material Balance

    Reservoir Simulation

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