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Well Integrity - Life of a Well RILS

This is a Remote Instructor Led Series training, all training sessions will be delivered online with no face-to-face classroom attendance.       

Recommended to cover a maximum of 4 hrs per day.   

Participants in this course will learn how to manage well design, construction, surveillance, and the documentation of well integrity for a “life-of-well” philosophy.  An emphasis will be placed on how industry standards and guidelines relate to barrier construction, monitoring, and management.  The proper understanding of these concepts will equip each participant with the tools to safely and reliably construct and verify the integrity of a well. 

Course Overview

Well Integrity - Definition

Why Well Integrity

Well Integrity Well Incidents to be used in the course

Well Integrity Incident ONE

Regulations and Standards in Well Integrity

Well Barrier Principles

Well Integrity Incident TWO

Well Barrier Elements with WBEACs and Issues

Cement Operations  -API 65-2

Well Integrity Incident THREE

Proving the Barrier - Verification, Testing, Loads

Annular Casing Pressure using API 90-2

Well Integrity Incident FOUR

Well Barrier Manufacturing QCP and Testing Prior toInstallation

Well Barrier Issues - Intervention (Well Logging)

Well Barrier Risking and Prediction

Well Abandonment - Permanent, Temporary or Suspension

Well Integrity Incident FIVE

Well Integrity Management System (WIMS) (How to create)

Managers, engineers, specialists and operations supervisors who are responsible for ensuring the integrity of an organization’s well assets are the intended audience for this course. 

Well Integrity

Well Barriers

Well Barrier issues

Well Abandonment

Participants will need an understanding of how wells are constructed and what purpose they serve.  Additionally, all participants should have an understanding of general well design concepts, quality assurance methods, and verification and risk management fundamentals.  In addition, participants should also have an understanding of the industry standards and guidelines, as well as how they may factor into the overall philosophy of well construction.

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