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    Well Integrity & Primary Well Control "Prevention"

    The concepts of well integrity and prevention of well control events will be covered. Participants will be involved in group discussions of case histories where well integrity was an issue, some practical exercises will be done for the selection and implementation of specific barriers used in well operations.

    Special attention will be given to kick prevention, early kick detection, and first actions applied to avoid the escalation of W.C incidents.  Several workshops and group activities will be performed to assure the understanding of principles and procedures required for well integrity assurance and primary well control "prevention".

    Day 1

    Basic Concepts of Well Integrity 

    • Introduction to Well Integrity and Preventive Well Control
    • Case History of Well Integrity event: The Macondo Blowout
      • Group Discussion
    • Well Integrity Training Level I (Awareness) - Overview
      • Exercise on WI Training Level I
    • Well Integrity Basic Concepts and Definitions
      • Class Exercise

    On the first day of the course, participants will be approached to Well Integrity through the presentation and group discussion of a real case of WI event. The day will move forward with a review of WI Level I training, followed by a discussion of basic concepts of Well Integrity to be applied along the life cycle of the well.

    All topics are reinforced with practical exercises and group discussion of well installations.

    Day 2

    Well Barriers Design and Implementation 

    • Well Barriers Properties and Requirements
      • Group Exercise and Discussion 
    • Well Barrier Element Acceptance Criteria (WBEAC)
      • Workshop on WBEAC
    •  Specific Barriers Used in Well Operations
      • Group Discussion of Well Barrier Installations
    • Responsibilities for Well Integrity Assurance
      • Group Discussion

    Deep knowledge of well barriers properties and requirements to perform their functions. Practical exercises and group discussions will help the students in the learning process.

    Description of Well Barrier Element Acceptance Criteria (WBEAC), followed by a practical workshop to reinforce the understanding of such criteria. The day will be finished with the discussion of specific barriers installed to conduct well operations and the responsibilities of all involved for well integrity assurance

    Day 3

    Fundamentals of Primary Well Control 

    • Well Pressure Analysis with the U-Tube concept
      • Class exercises 
    • Kick Causes, Prevention and Detection
      • Group Exercise and Discussion 
    • Well Control Equipment
      • Workshop on Surface Installations 
    • Diverter System and Shallow Gas Contingency

    During the third day students will focus on the Primary Well Control for over balanced operations, starting with well pressure analysis using the U-Tube analogy.  Participants will learn main causes for kicks, the preventive actions and early detection. The day will finish with the discussion of well control equipment and diverter systems.

    Day 4

    Well Control Procedures and Recommended Practices

    • Well Shut-in Procedures and First Actions 
    • Conventional Well Control Procedures: Circulation Methods
      • The Driller’s Method – Group Exercise
    • Well Control Procedures in Special Conditions 
    • Workshop on Recommended Practices for WC avoidance: Check Lists

    On the last day, the course will focus on WC actions, starting with the well shut-in, and continuing with the discussion of conventional WC procedures when circulation from bottom is possible.

    Students will take part in a group exercise to illustrate the Driller’s Method and finish the day with a workshop on recommended practices to prevent the occurrence of WC events and the loss of well integrity.

    • Drilling Supervisors 
    • Drilling Engineers 
    • Petroleum Engineers
    • Completion Engineers
    • Production Engineers
    • Service Company Engineers and Specialists
    • Project Managers
    • Operations Managers
    • Technical oil field personnel
    • Well integrity Barriers
    • Well Barrier Element Acceptance Criteria (WBEAC)
    • Well Integrity Assurance
    • "U" tube Concept
    • Kick causes, prevention and detection
    • Surface Installations
    • Diverter System and Shallow gas contingency
    • Well Control Procedures and avoidance.

    Participants should have a basic understanding of drilling, production and well intervention operations.

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