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    Winning with Senior Management: Learning the Right Knowledge and Skills for Success

    Project managers and program managers play critical roles in coordinating and executing initiatives within organizations. Collaboration with senior management is essential for ensuring the success of projects and programs. Here's how project and program managers can effectively collaborate with senior management:

    Discovering the executive’s perspective on projects and building a relationship

        • Topic 1: Facts of life for senior management: an overview of the challenges and priorities.
        • Topic 2: Discovering the differences in perspectives between executives and project managers.
        • Topic 3: Building a relationship with executives to become a trusted advisor.
        • Topic 4: Preparing executives for their contributions to project success.

    By understanding the perspective of executives regarding projects, a project manager can employ the knowledge and skills from this session to become a trusted advisor.                  

    Understanding the complicated life of executives when they sponsor a project.

    Topic 1: Navigating office politics and techniques for navigating organizational dynamics to advance the project goals.

        • Topic 2: Strategies for addressing cross-functional issues that challenge a project’s success.
        • Topic 3: Collaborating with the executive to execute risk strategies to mitigate problems.
        • Topic 4: Handling scope changes and problems that protect both the project and the executive.      

    By focusing on these areas, the project manager can enhance their ability to engage with executives and secure support for their current project and set the table successful projects in the future.                

    This course is designed for experienced project managers who must engage with senior management at critical times during their project.

    • Understanding Senior Management Perspective: Gain insights into how senior management views projects and their expectations.
    • Navigating Office Politics: Learn to navigate office politics and dynamics to influence decision-making positively.
    • Becoming a Trusted Advisor: Discover strategies to establish trust and credibility with senior management.
    • Engaging with Sponsors: Identify the role of sponsors and how to collaborate with them to address project issues.
    • Mastering Persuasion: Understand the art and science of persuasion to gain support for project initiatives.


    Experienced project and program managers.


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