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    Work Ethics and Employment

    Course Objective

    • The objective of this qualification is aimed at all organizations that care about ethical conduct in the workplace. 
    • Learners gaining this qualification will help the members of an organization judge the moral legitimacy of their decisions, enabling them to apply moral principles and values in business decision-making. Moreover, Learners will understand the Implementation of good practices for proper moral work ethics between employees.  
    • It is appropriate for all employees who are interested in knowing values based on the ideals of discipline and hard work.
    • Classroom – Virtual: Listening and contributing to discussions (group Discussions and quizzes)
    • Remotely - Listening and contributing to discussions and exercises (Discussions and short quizzes).
    Awarding Body
    • Ministry of Higher Education, Research & Innovation– Oman

    • Define ethics in the workplace. 
    • Teamwork definition 
    • Identifying communication methods  
    • Barriers of communication
    • Case Study 
    • Factors affecting our choice of means of communication.
    • Communication at the workplace (Internal – External), (Formal- Informal)
    • Two-Way Communication 
    • Potential influences

    • What happens when communication doesn’t work properly?
    • Levels of Communication
    • Videos & Case study 
    • External Barriers to Communication
    • Improving Listening Skills
    • Types of Body Language
    • Discussion  &conclusion

    • Fresh graduates &job seekers
    • Junior Staff
    • Supervisors & Officers
    • Team leaders
    • quality assurance staff
    • Interested candidates in communication & soft skills.

    • Defining work Ethics
    • The roles & responsibilities of the employee
    • Major difficulties and obstacles that occurred within the work environment.
    • Explain the consequences of inappropriate behavior. 
    • Why “sometimes” teamwork activities don’t succeed?  
    • Ways to stand out in the workplace.
    • What is the character of a good team player?
    • Competition and Cooperation with your team members?
    • How does a good “to do list” look like?
    • Advantages & Disadvantages of peer pressure
    • Critical Thinking skills 
    • Requirements for critical thinking


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