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    Working at Height Level 1

    Course Objective

    • Working at Height refers to any place where a person could be injured if they fell from it, whether above or below ground level. The common causes of Working at Height include falling from ladders, roofs, through fragile surfaces, etc. Anyone who manages work at height can be held responsible and liable for faulty equipment and accidents due to height-related work. That is why protecting personnel Working at Height using adequate precautions and measures is necessary for employers.
    The following points shall be discussed in the course:
    • This 1-day Working at Height Training course covers all the essential topics by which delegates will become familiar with the risks and hazards of Working at Height. During this training, they will learn about safety tips for working at heights. They will also learn about types of fall protection equipment, fall protection system types, rescue procedure, rescue equipment, the use of ladders properly, and many more. Our highly professional trainer with years of experience in teaching such courses will conduct this course and help delegates get a comprehensive understanding of working cautiously at height with all safety measures.
    • Videos, Case Studies, and Group Discussions (Theoretical).
    Assessment method
    • This qualification is assessed by a short multiple-choice question paper.

    • HSE Management System and Working at Height procedures.
    • Legislative and workplace procedures
    • Hazard Identification & Risk Evaluation (Depend on Industry Type: Construction, Oil & Gas, etc.)
    • Hazards associated with work at height.
    • Conduct and document a risk assessment.
    • Medical fitness requirement for working at height.
    • Working at Height Proper planning and work supervision.
    • Select, inspect, and work within the limitations of portable ladders and platforms.
    • Safe working requirements for working with scaffolding, edge protection, and elevating work platforms.
    • Videos (Working at Height Accidents causes).
    • Safe systems of working for working at heights.
    • Permit to Work applications for Working at Height.
    • Hierarchy of Control for Working at Height.
    • Hazard Elimination.
    • Passive Fall Protection (Collective Measure involving the use of barriers).
    • Fall Restraint Systems and their Usage.
    • Fall arrest system and their usage.
    • How & where to use Full body harness.
    • How & where to use lifelines.
    • Administrative controls (Information, Instructions, Training & Supervision)
    • Recovery measures and emergency response in case of an incident.
    • Rescue Planning
    • Working at Height Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
    • Head Protection
    • Eye Protection
    • Hi-Visibility Vest
    • Coveralls
    • Foot Protection
    • Hand Protection
    • Hearing Protection

    • Work at height labors, helpers, and foremen. HSE Staff, permit holder, and site engineer.

    • HSE Management System and Working at Height procedures.
    • Fall protection system types.
    • Hazards while working at height.
    • PPE during work.
    • Emergency procedure.


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