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    Fast Track Reservoir Engineering Training Program

    Program Overview:

    In alignment with Libya's strategic vision to enhance oil production, SLB is dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology and expertise to support the Oil and Gas sector. We, at SLB NExT, are delighted to introduce a highly tailored project aimed at addressing specific technical challenges in Reservoir Engineering within Libya.

    While our initial focus is on Reservoir Engineering, we anticipate extending our reach to other domains in the near future. Stay tuned with SLB NExT for exciting developments.

    The primary objective of this program is to expedite the development of reservoir engineering professionals, fostering a swift transition to a high level of autonomy. Tailored to the unique needs of each learner, this program, facilitated by world-class experts, equips participants with the skills to navigate real-life scenarios and solve authentic problems.

    Structured to rapidly enhance the competency of reservoir engineers evolving into seasoned experts, the program imparts key concepts, principles, and essential technologies for analytical reservoir engineering, as well as reservoir modeling and simulation tasks. Comprising four specialized modules, the program progresses from foundational to advanced topics. It is a comprehensive blend of theory, software applications, and integrated domain and software courses.

    Training Programs

    Lead Instructor


    Director of Curriculum Reservoir Engineering

    With 28 years in the oil and gas industry, Khaled is at the forefront of reservoir engineering training at SLB. In his role, he not only oversees the internal training curriculum but also extends his expertise to assist external NExT customers in developing and managing reservoir engineering skills and competencies.

    Khaled's impact extends globally as he leads a diverse portfolio of Reservoir Engineering and Reservoir Management training courses

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    Khaled Elghanduri
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