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    Petrel Workflow Editor and Uncertainty Analysis - RILS (Remote Instructor-Led Series)

    This is a Remote Instructor Led Series (RILS) training. The remote classroom delivery is a modality that takes advantage of the instructor led training content, while allowing the same content to be delivered remotely. All training sessions will be delivered online with no face-to-face classroom attendance.

    The course aims at giving the participants a powerful insight into the Petrel Workflow editor functionality and how to perform Uncertainty and Sensitivity analyses for exploration and production.

    The Workflow editor enables you to automate tasks/processes/operations and build uncertainty loops. In addition to helping optimize time, this approach is widely applied for effective 3D models updates - e.g. while drilling - and for reserves uncertainty quantification. 

    The first part of this will focus on how to create your own workflows for batch processing and operations, in addition to setting up, editing and repeating processes with new data for a complete reservoir modeling workflow.

    The Uncertainty and Optimization process enables you to perform sensitivities studies, risk analysis, proxy models creation, and models optimization.

    The second part of this course will focus on understanding the sensitivities and uncertainties associated with reservoir models and volumes. Structural uncertainties related to surfaces and velocities will be explored, as well as stochastic parameters related to Fluid contacts, facies and petrophysical uncertainties.

    The Petrel Workflow Editor and Uncertainty Analysis - RILS course will be delivered over a total of sixteen (16) Hours; i.e. in four (4) sessions lasting 4 Hours each. 

    Each participant will need the following for an optimal experience of the course:

    • Windows-based PC
    • USB headset
    • Internet access
    • Second monitor or tablet for the course manual(s)
    • Webcam

    Development and exploration geologists, geophysicists, petroleum engineers, managers, and technical personnel with good experience in Petrel.

    • Workflow Editor concept, interface, logic and templates
    • Creating  and designing your own workflows
    • Updating 3D models with new input data
    • Guided Workflows and Quality Reporting
    • Practical G&G Workflow Examples
    • Get familiar with the Uncertainty and optimization process
      • Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis setup
      • Structural uncertainty
      • Fluid contact uncertainty
      • Property uncertainty

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